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(Sub)운동없이 2주만에 -6kg 감량➡️요요없이 유지중 (HOW I LOST 15 Pounds|10 Easy Diet Tips)✨다이어트 정보✨식단/운동/지방분해주사/보조제

운동없이 2주만에 -6kg 감량&요요없이 유지〰️
다이어트 정보 ?식단/운동/지방분해주사/보조제

#다이어트 #diet #6kg #요요

?i n s t a g r a m @minkaxxya

? c o n t a c t


안녕하세요 민카야에요:)
오늘은 다이어트 영상을 가져왔어요:)
2주만에 6kg 감량하고 한달 동안 유지하고 있어요!
운동/식단/지방분해주사/다이어트 보조제에 대한
저의 주관적인 경험을 여러분들께 알려 드립니다!
다이어트에는 개인적인 차이가 있지만 조금이나마
도움이 되셨길 바라요:)
다양한 팁을 많이 넣었으니 참고해 주세요❣️
궁금한점은 댓글에 남겨주시면 최대한 답변 드릴게요:)
Hello it is MINKAYA :)
Today, I have a video about diet :)
I lost 6kg in two weeks and I am maintaining it for about a month!
I will tell you my subjective experience about
exercise/diet meal/fat dissolving injection/diet supplement!
Diet differs person by person, but
I hope it does a bit of help :)
I have put various tips, so please check them❣️
If you leave questions on the comments, I will try to answer them :)
조아 : 오늘 부터 시작

키 166.5
몸무게 62.5

순금황제맘 : 저두 오늘 시작해요~2020.05.15일시작입니다 51.5kg시작이용
방탄보라해 : 개학도 미뤄저서 집콕 다이어트 중..대단하세요ㅠㅠ?
Gyamar Yanu : How many calories did you ate in a day for 2 weeks?
M E H : This video is so inspiring. Good job??

다이어트 제품 BEST5 솔직후기

['다이어트 제품 BEST5' 아이허브 장바구니(구입처)]▼
※ 동영상에서 언급한 순서대로 담았습니다.
※ CGN 유산균은 50억, 300억 제품을 모두 담았습니다.
: https://iherb.co/4vEHbFRm

['다이어트 제품 BEST5' 솔직리뷰(섭취방법)]▼
1. 닥터스베스트 엘카르니틴
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ2XA...

2. 무첨가 BCAA&글루타민
- BCAA : https://blog.naver.com/goldtiger623/2...
- 글루타민 : https://blog.naver.com/goldtiger623/2...
박성주 : 땅끄님 근데 이거 한꺼번에 먹어도 괜찮을까용...?
신태윤 : 땅끄부부님 닥터스베스트 엘카르니틴
캘리포니아 골드뉴트리션 Bcaa+글루타민
나우푸드 아사이베리
이 제품들이 키에 영향이 없나요??
그리고 캘리포니아 골드 뉴트리션 bcaa+글루타민 한달 몇g 인가요?
섭취 순서도 알려주세요
빠른 답변 부탁드려요
뚠이뚠 : 장바구니 링크가 안들어가지는데 제품 정보 새로 올려주실 수 있을까요ㅠㅠ
sangmi choi : 홍보모델하셔도 될것같아요 구매들어갑니다~~굿굿
유하린 : BCAA랑 글루타민 이렇게만 먹고 나머지는 안먹어도 되나요 ??

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

Music video by Eminem performing Love The Way You Lie. © 2010 Aftermath Records
#VEVOCertified on September 13, 2011. http://www.vevo.com/certified http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified
Nicodème Paul : who is still watching in 2020?
Natalie Reiff : whos watching in 2020 like
Brooklyn Yonkee : the music from 2000-2010 are the best music genres there are and will ever be because the music now is either about sex drugs or abuse or some shit and it’s dumb these songs are relatable and most of them are uplifting because back then stuff was simple and now we got so much messed up stuff like teen moms young kids doing drugs and everything’s about sex it’s nasty sorry that was a lil long but yk
S N : When I was 19 this song came out and I was in an incredibly abuse relationship. I thought that was the love of my life. He beat me so bad one night that I had a black eye, needed stitches and cuts and bruises all over my body. Today, im 29 and I'm in a healthy relationship with two little boys. What happened will never leave me but it's a reminder of what I left behind and how beautiful what I have now. Life gets so much better but it's hard to see that when you're young. Just make it out alive
Stan Rijsbergen : Megan fox ?




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